Electric Golf Car Rentals

Check out our selection of Electric Cart Rentals - Electric Carts. Click here for Gas Golf Carts When you think about a power boat and a sail boat what comes to mind? Well - one is surely more quiet than the other or rather more aware of nature and its elements while the other, gas, screams through nature with an acquired taste of a combustion motor eating oil and poluting. Now, not to say Electric Golf Carts do not produce harmful waste, they do however allow for the traveler to enjoy the surrounding environment mother nature intended to be heard with little to no interference. Electric Carts can be prohibited if there is no where to charge them in which case ZoomAround Rentals went the extra mile in a quiet run unique 1db higher note gas cart. Behind the wheel we would bet you couldn't even hear it!

Electric Car Rentals
ZoomAround is proud to offer advanced Golf Cart Rentals. Utilizing the newest in battery technology our Electric Carts provide the quietest, environmentally friendly, form of transport.
Check out our selection of Golf Car Rentals - Electric Carts. Golf Cars are equipped with on-board audio with hands-free Bluetooth. This allows you to ZoomAround in style enjoying your favorite music. Perhaps take an evening cruise around Anna Maria and finish a quick phone call.
Vacation Rental doesn't allow charging? We have a solution. Our Gas Golf Carts run at 1db (decibel sound rating) higher than electric. Pre-2019 golf carts run at up to 85db when our quiet run technology Yamaha Golf Carts operate at 67db
Click here for Gas Golf Carts.

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ES4 Kick Scooter

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A Wide Range of Scooters very similar to those seen around other cities. ZoomAround is proud to offer an affordable form of transport.

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