Choose Between Gas and Electric Golf Cart Rental

Gas and electric golf cart rental options are dependent on a few variables. Different carts have advantages and minuses. Electric Carts are preferred. However, several fleet managers quickly pointed out that they have nothing against the use of gas vehicles if they take another position in the Golf Cart Company more suitable for a gas vehicle profile. Take Siesta Key Golf Cart Rentals for example … when renting a golf cart on Siesta Key its important to evaluate the property you’re staying at. If a cottage – an electric golf cart rental is your best choice.


Electric Golf Carts

Gas and Electric Golf Cart Rental vehicles have their positives and negatives. In years past, many heavily weighed obvious performance issues in choosing between gas and electric carts. However, they note that today the gap is narrowing. Electric carts, for example, are more powerful today then they used to be, have more extended range per battery charge, and now compare favorably with gas carts in power performance.


Gas Golf Carts

Gas carts don’t require special electric hookups and battery-charging equipment. Still, some companies interviewed had switched to electric models based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s crackdown on gasoline storage tanks—noting concerns about potentially significant fines if their tanks ever leaked. This opinion is especially prevalent at older facilities where storage tanks may have been in place for years.


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Today’s gas models are easier to maintain than they once were, but the average initial price of a gas-powered cart is still higher than a comparable electric one. Costs are hard to compare because they depend on a variety of factors, such as the condition of the vehicle, characteristics of the course, and local differences in costs of electricity or gasoline. Electric carts tend to be slightly more expensive to operate on a per-loop basis.

Our gas vehicles are respectful of the locations we operate in. To maintain lower sound pollution we utilize the Yamaha Quiet Run Technology.

It’s true that electric carts are quieter and don’t emit endless pollutants. However, like gas, battery-powered vehicles have problems of their own. One facility mentioned environmental concerns over how to dispose of battery acid properly. Electric vehicles are also more substantial than gas carts. For this reason, they may be more likely to damage the turf in wet conditions. In most cases, the decision as to what method of power to acquire comes down to personal preference. What users want, and the type of cart used historically.