Renting a Golf Cart? – Top Cities for Golf Cart Rentals

Top Cities for Renting a Golf Cart have one thing in common: a large number of Vacation Rentals with on and off-seasons. Golf carts have a variety of uses, including but not limited to:

– Transportation outside buildings, swimming pools, overall events- To ease golfing
– For sightseeing during vacations etc.
In this paper, we are going to explore in detail the idea of golf cart renting.


Many golf cart rental companies deliver near beaches or semi-busy environments. Space and Terrain correlation can be seen and located in areas with lots of space for more straightforward navigation. The terrain is low and flat, for more straightforward navigation as well. These are not heavy-duty vehicles; therefore, they cannot withstand a harsh terrain and limited space.

20 Best: Top Cities for Golf Cart Rentals

– Miramar Beach, Florida.
– Coronado, California.
– West Palm Beach, Florida.
– Surfside Beach, South Carolina.
– San Diego, California.
– Winthrop, Maine.
– North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
– Put-In-Bay, Ohio.
– North Plains, Oregon.
– Theodore, Alabama.
– Sherman Oaks, California.
– Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
– Folly Beach, South Carolina.
– Brandywine, Maryland.
– Avalon, California.
– Austin, Texas.
– Orange Beach, Alabama.
– Waynesville, North Carolina.
– Isle of Palms, South Carolina.
– Mesa, Arizona.

These areas have one thing in common; located at lower elevations. From a topographical standpoint, the terrain does not fluctuate in altitude. This makes it easier to navigate with the golf carts. Also, predict their operability as atmospheric changes seen during rapid elevation change are null. Many of these areas are also tourist destinations; tourists require transportation methods while sightseeing. Vacation rentals such as that on Siesta Key and Anna Maria Island, Florida pair ideally with a cottage/hotel and open-air transportation.

ii) Destination and locals or travelers?

Golf cart rentals are higher in areas located on the sea/ocean side. This is because of several reasons, including the availability of more space and the climate, which entices the need for a handy vehicle.
According to the top 20 list (mentioned on page 1) we see that the common factor among these places is their terrain (low), and the majority of them are on the beachside. All of these places have wide-open areas that can be used to explore using the golf carts, making them the top regions. The climate of these areas is also hot and humid, which is favorable to the nature of the golf cart; it is an open vehicle.
These top locations are also conveniently close to international airports. For example, Miramar Beach is only 10.8 miles away from Destin International Airport and, Coronado is only 7 miles away from San Diego International Airport.

The closeness of these rental areas to international airports argues that they target mainly travelers. The proximity to the airport makes it convenient for travelers so that they do not have to make such a hustle to acquire these rental services. Locations bound to have the most travelers would include areas that are near the beach because these are highly frequented by tourists, for example, Miramar Beach and North Myrtle. However, areas like Austin, Texas, and North Plains, Oregon, feature more locals because of the nature of the city. However, it is safe to say that the higher target for golf cart rentals is travelers.

Points to consider before renting a golf cart

There are certain things to keep in mind while considering renting a golf cart:

– The necessity of the golf cart; if you need it
– The traffic rules and laws of said city; so that you avoid breaking any rules. For example, the speed limit.
– Whether or not you require a license to operate a golf cart. This changes by jurisdiction. LSV or Street Legal Golf Carts do need a driver’s license as insurance is a must to get registered. Thus, a registration and title, place, is necessary. Meaning a driver’s license.
– Whether or not it fits within your price range (that is whether or not you have set aside a budget for a golf cart)
– Also, check the reviews of the stores in the area you would like to rent from to avoid any inconveniences.


A golf cart can boost the vacation experience, and like the document has explained, some of the best states to rent one include Florida, California, North and South Carolina, Maine, Ohio, among others.