About ZoomAround

Established in 2017, ZoomAround, LLC is an online booking platform specializing in golf carts lease/rental LSV. Spearheaded by Greg Solodko with Michael Graczyk as its CIO, the company aims to lead the industry in golf carts and other electric vehicle rentals by providing innovative solution in unit modulation whether to control them from a remote location or apply algorithms tied with geocoded location and the requests of unit operators or communities in maintaining sound levels, speed, travel areas. ZoomAround provides Legal Street Vehicles Golf Carts in Siesta Key and surrounding areas.

After retiring from running the 4th largest diagnostic imaging chain in the country, Greg saw his opportunity in adding value to the growing number of private homes under management or being rented out through services such as VRBO and AIRBNB. The company’s ethical foundation is focused on VALUE by providing the best quality product for the people at the most reasonable rate.

ZoomAround, LLC drives innovation through focused learning and adequate research and development. The company is backed by innovation in technology dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable e-bike, LSV golf cart, e-skateboard, Segway, and all other electric vehicle rentals that will fit your personal or business needs. Renting a street-legal golf cart is the least expensive and most convenient way to get around. They’re easy to use, compact, convenient, and fun to drive. All rental units in our lot have undergone meticulous inspection to make sure everything is in working condition. We do not release something unless we are 100% sure that it can be adequately serviced. We help our clients find the right model that will be within their budget and meet their quality expectations.

We can build an LSV cart to fit the needs and specs of our growing customer base. Our concern for the top of the line customer service and satisfaction does not end at the initial sale of a golf cart or electric utility vehicle. We offer continued support and service and our aftersales service is one of the best in this industry. As we evolve into the future of this industry, we do so firmly grounded in our work ethics. We continue to take care of our clients by providing efficient and technology-based service while growing our team of dedicated individuals with the enthusiasm of doing things the right way.

ZoomAround, LLC is all about value and innovation. Call us now or visit our website for more information.

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