Anna Maria Island Golf cart rentals

Anna Maria Island Golf Cart Rentals

ZoomAround LLC offers golf cart rentals on Anna Maria Island and its surrounding areas. We offer fantastic golf carts for rent, with daily, weekly & monthly rates. We are the premier Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) rental company on Anna Maria island. All of our golf carts are equipped LED headlights and taillights, seat belts, sideview mirrors and DOT windshields and meet all safety requirements and regulations. One of our customers favorite thing about us, is the paperless and convenient delivery & pickup service offered to all customers.

ZoomAround LLC offers both gas and electric options that can reach speeds of 20-25 MPH. Both our BETTER tier golf carts and BEST tier golf carts have extremely comfortable seats and are both smooth rides, with the BEST tier options being equipped with 14’’ tires with enhanced suspension.

Visiting Anna Maria Island and in need of a golf cart? With top of the line carts and a customer service team that is second to none, ZoomAround LLC has got you covered.

Roads marked in Red as strictly prohibited for driving on, however these roads can be crossed.

“These maps were created as a reference for Renters and should never be considered law. Please ensure you do not drive on any roads that exceed 35MPH, or on any roads that prohibit Low Speed Vehicles.”