Good Golf Carts

Sorry, we only have BETTER and BEST carts!

To put it simply, we do not rent (what we consider) your basic, older, slower and not so appealing street legal golf carts.  We only rent newer Club Car golf carts that are cleaned and put through a multi-tiered safety inspection between each rental.  If you are looking for an older, slower, cheap, beat up and tired street legal golf cart, we are not the company you should be calling.

Delivery & Pickup

ZoomAround delivers and picks up every vehicle we rent. We deliver everyday of the week and have both morning and afternoon delivery times.

No Hidden Fees

ZoomAround does not have any additional fees other than for delivery & fuel, which we are up front about.


ZoomAround has Qty. 2 layers of insurance that come with each rental. We do not have an additional charge for our insurance as it is included with the rental.

Price Match Guarantee

ZoomAround has a price match guarantee of carts that are of the same like, kind and quality.


ZoomAround is priced very similarly to our competition sometimes even cheaper, but we have a much newer and superior quality product.

Customer Service

ZoomAround is available 24x7x365 for any possible emergencies or support