10 Key Principles That Create a Superior Golf Cart Rental Experience

A golf cart with six seats is parked on the beach.

At ZoomAround, we strive to provide our customers with a world-class experience with fun, safe and convenient access to innovative transportation. To ensure every customer receives a superior rental experience, we’ve established a set of 10 principles we firmly believe contribute to having a reliable and reputable street legal golf cart rental service. Below are the ten key elements we believe are vital.

  1. Superior Customer Service:Providing exceptional customer service is crucial. Ensuring timely golf cart deliveries for both pickup and drop-offs, promptly responding to inquiries, providing professional and friendly service, and assisting customers with any issues or concerns are all critical factors to ensuring this generates a positive experience and fosters customer satisfaction.
  2. Well-Maintained and Reliable Fleet: A reputable golf cart rental company should have a fleet of well-maintained and reliable carts. Regular maintenance and inspections ensure that the carts are safe, clean, and in proper working condition. At ZoomAround, we do a 50+ point inspection and detail before every rental to ensure the reliability and safety of our vehicles.
  3. Variety of Carts:Offering various cart options allows customers the flexibility and convenience to choose the right cart according to their needs. Different sizes, seating capacities, and features (such as storage space, weather protection, or luxury upgrades) cater to diverse preferences and requirements. At ZoomAround, we offer a wide variety of golf cart rental options such as electric-powered, gas-powered, 4-Passenger, 6-Passenger, and the VIP cart upgraded option with speakers and multicolored lights.
  4. Flexible Rental Options:An excellent rental service offers flexible rental options to accommodate customers’ needs. This can include daily, weekly, or even long-term rentals. Providing convenient pickup and drop-off locations is also essential, so customers can seamlessly obtain their golf carts and enjoy their vacation.
  5. Clear Pricing and Transparent Policies:Transparent pricing is essential. Providing up-front rental rates, additional fees, and clear rental policies (such as minimum age requirements, driver’s license validity, and liability coverage) helps customers make informed decisions and avoids confusion or surprises. ZoomAround’s pricing is always displayed up-front with no hidden fees, and our rental policy is emailed to every customer after a booking has been completed.
  6. Safety Measures:Safety should always be the top priority. Regular maintenance, safety inspections, and ensuring that carts have necessary safety features (such as DOT windshields, headlights, taillights, flashers, seat belts, horns, and mirrors) promote a secure environment for customers to enjoy the cart and their vacation safely.
  7. Reservation System:Implementing an efficient online and/or phone reservation system simplifies the booking process for customers. It allows customers to secure a cart in advance, reducing the chances of unavailability during peak times.
  8. Delivery and Pickup Options:Offering delivery and pickup services, especially for customers staying at vacation rental homes or hotels, enhances convenience. This service can save customers time and effort and increase their satisfaction with the overall rental experience.
  9. Clear Instructions and Orientation:Providing clear instructions on how to operate the cart and a brief orientation on its features ensures that customers can use the carts safely and comfortably. We also include decals on each of our vehicles that provide standard operating procedures. At ZoomAround, we will launch our new golf cart safety and orientation video soon, so please stay tuned!
  10. Additional Amenities:Providing upgraded features and equipment allows our customers to gain more value for their rental. This is why we offer lifted cart options, luxury seating, sleek-looking rims, built-in speaker systems with VIP carts, fold-down rear seat cargo beds, and more.

If you are interested in renting a street legal golf cart, we hope you refer to these 10 key principles to ensure you receive a quality rental experience.


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